Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lamrim 2nd time around

The first time around with the lamrim my least favorite meditations were those where we contemplated lower rebirths and the hell realms.  I wanted anything but to think of being reborn in hell! Of course, developing renunciation inspires one to never do or think anything harmful to avoid future suffering, but, still it was unpleasant to think of hell realms and suffeing so much. 

This time around was very different because after doing bodhichitta/heart opening meditations the first time around with lamrim, meditating on the hell realms the second time around with lamrim was not about me anymore.  I was thinking of others much more.  I don't want anyone to have a lower rebirth and to suffer in hell!  This second time around was filled with the desire to teach and share and love others so that not one single person in this world will ever have to experience the sufferings of lower rebirths.

I understand now why my teacher wanted me to do the lamrim meditations again.  It is entirely different now.  My heart has expanded and it continues to expand. I am less self-absorbed.  And, these are all the ingredients for tantra, bliss, enlightenment.  Thank you, dear Teacher.


  1. I get questions about teaching yoga all the time. If you read Planet Yoga’s #yogachat, they had a great discussion on teaching tips. It’s part of their weekly Twitter #yogachat. I thought your readers might want to check it out:

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  3. You have a beautiful message to share here, teaching by showing us yourself as an example. Thank you.